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ppcrack 1.0a update

Posted: 2010-11-25

Just a small update to the ppcrack source code to make it compatible with C89 compilers. Thanks to Stefan A. Haubenthal for the fix.

ppcrack 1.0 released

Posted: 2010-11-21

ppcrack has reached near perfection. It now supports all known PowerPacker executables, and can even crack them using a dictionary attack. To ensure it gets the most out of your computer, it also supports multithreaded cracking so you can use all your CPUs and cores!

cabextract 1.3 released

Posted: 2010-07-23

The newly released cabextract 1.3 fixes several bugs and improves recoverability of broken CAB files.

libmspack 0.2 released

Posted: 2010-07-23

The newly released libmspack 0.2 fixes several bugs and adds SZDD and KWAJ decoding.

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