Programming efforts

I've written hundreds of programs. This is just a few of them. This doesn't include any data compression software, which is in its own category.

  • ShellScr opens a shell on a screen, and it works perfectly.
  • The Kyzer's Smalls Collection (KSC) is a collection of small and useful Amiga utilities with complete and commented 680x0 assembler source code.
  • Hard drive installers for old games and demos allow you to enjoy old games from the comfort of just loading them up from your hard drive.
  • Perl scripts that I've written.
  • DiskReader is a simple piece of assembler code for writing the disk imagers for such installers.
  • Evaluate is a really fast but powerful piece of code to compute algebraic strings. You know, like 'pi=4*atan(1.0)' or 'e=m*sqr(c)'.
  • Win95MapGB
    A Windows 95 British keymap for those who have PC keyboards attached to their Amiga. It supports most popular PC keyboard interfaces, including those sold by Power Computing and Eyetech. It also has the Amiga's 'End of File' key combination, 'CTRL+\', and even a euro key. It has an painless installer, and even comes with source code in assembler.
  • DiskFile
    Quite simply, it reads a disk in your disk drive, and saves it into a file. The program's main intent is to show off exactly how that's done, through the source code. It's also useful for making 'normal' disk images.
  • GuruLog
    This nice utility keeps a record of when and why your Amiga crashes. You can then apply the useful GuruStatistix program to get some statistics on your crashes.
  • MemPatch
    This little program records all memory requests made by programs on your Amiga. If a program states 'out of memory', you can now find out why!
  • CadOS – the CSG Amiga Demo Operating System
    Back in 1997, this was the greatest thing ever, but it was seven years too late. It devised a simple and compatible way to take over the Amiga's hardware from the real operating system, and leave it in a defined state, but without throwing away the enhanced power of faster machines (as degrader programs do). CadOS also provided a great number of utility funcions, to save people the hard calculations normally needed to program the Amiga hardware directly. Great things were in store for this project, but unfortunately the source got zapped and I lost interest.